Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to get out of Depression

Sometimes You will feel Sadness , you will ask "Am I in Depression?".if you really in  Depression, you will ask "How do i get myself out of depression?" or like that"What could I do to get out of depression?".

 Yes, there are lots of people have the same trouble even me with Depression. normally, we will go the internet like yahoo answers make question for help, among them ,the most popular topics would be "How to get out of Depression?" I really do this everyday a long time before.

Get out of Depression,You are not along, We are together!

That was me for a very long time of my experience until I made the decision to make rational look at the Depression .This blog will go on with the topics on "How to get out of Depression ", I will share all advice and suggestion from the internet, docters and friends to help me get out of  Depression.

 Any comments are welcome,just Sharing your own Story and Tips on "How to  Get Over Depression",Hope this blog is the The final destination to" how to get out of Depression " and really make some help for you to get out of  Depression .


  1. How to get out of depression. Need help quickly.?
    Now, I am not struggling with major depression, like suicide is not even close to coming up because I know I have many good things to live for. But I'm just struggling with life and dealing with everything and just feel like giving up on everything most of the time.

    So these past two weeks, I was hammered with so many things that stressed me out and it's finally taking its toll. Some of these stresses include not being able to hang out with my wonderful girlfriend, having no self confidence, being a bad boyfriend (in the sense that I do nothing with her because I can't drive and I am terribly shy), and just a few other things.I used to be smiley, up beat, happy, and filled with energy but now I just feel like crap. I get headaches everyday and I just feel like sleeping the days away. Please, I need help with this, please.

    1. There is no quick fix to depression i'm afraid hun. It might help you to know you are not alone, as although mine is OCD is does cause depression and affects my relationship with my boyfriend even though he is there for me I worry everyday that he will just get sick of me not being able to help myself. But in life, sometimes we need a helping hand as it can get too much. I've booked myself into the Doctors and I say you should too, as no-one needs to live like this. Cognitive Behavouiral Therapy is supposed to help although you must be determined for it to work. When you get down try and think of all the nice things about yourself as I am sure you are a great person, and realise that you are worth being here, you are worthy of your girlfriend because hun you are unique and qualities you might not see yourself, your girlfriend must see in you because she picked YOU ... please answer mine :) xx

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  3. Depression may be described as feeling sad, blue, unhappy, miserable, or down in the dumps. Most of us feel this way at one time or another for short periods.

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